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SHS Writing Center Resources: Home

"Despite what a poster said or an adult encouraged, the writing process is as individual as one’s fingerprint." --Betsy Hubbard


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The Writing Center, located in the SHS Library, is open from 7:35AM to 2:20PM. Drop-ins are welcome; however, they will be taken after scheduled appointments.

24/7 Writing Resources

Finishing a paper at night and have a writing-related question? These online college writing centers have the answers: 

Creating a PowerPoint presentation? Here are tips for making it super successful: 



SHS Writing Center Mission

To provide a productive and comfortable environment where students can work toward becoming fully independent writers capable of creating authentic and original writing. 

Why Visit the Writing Center?

  • Work on a writing assignment (any subject) if/when your classroom teacher isn't available.
  • Plan out a long-term writing assignment. Scheduling several staggered sessions will ensure that students make weekly progress on long-term assignments.
  • Improve general writing skills and address areas of frustration/resistance regarding the writing process.
  • Review exemplars before an in-class writing assignment to enhance understanding of the specific writing task.
  • Brainstorm ideas, plan, or revise a college essay.
  • Challenge yourself to publish in writing contest or publication such as Gambit, On My Mind, or TeenInk.

How to Make the Most of Your Writing Center Session

  • Start with your teacher; be sure you understand the assignment and the teacher's expectations.
  • Bring a copy of the assignment and any related notes/exemplars/rubrics.
  • If you have already started the assignment, have a printed draft ready or be able to quickly access your draft via Microsoft 365.